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Aren't you tired of hearing bad ideas justified because they seem to be profitable? The latest such idea is corporate prisons for profit. So I've got a great idea. Since privatized prisons are so profitable, and since they make more money for the stockholders the more "beds" they fill, and since the corporate owners are having to waste much of their precious time lobbying to to have more activities declared to be felonies so there will be more people to arrest [yes, this is actually happening] ... 

... then let's just jail everyone in America. Sure, the stockholders and CEO's will be prisoners like all the rest of us, but think how rich they'll be. Think how strong our economy will be. So let's put razor wire around the entire continental United States, razor wire around Alaska, and razor wire around every island in Hawaii. Too expensive, you say? Why, no! The labor will be free. Get the prisoners to do it! How to grow the business? Simple - conjugal visits. Make more babies and put them in juvenile detention centers until they are old enough for the imprisoned judges to declare them legal adults. When we run out of space in America, we can make the entire world a privatized prison, and the world economy will boom like never in history.

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